Christmas Messages for Parents from Children


Children love to draw and make cards for their parents at Christmas. They also love receiving their money raised and receiving gifts for their parents on Christmas day. Christmas wishes for the parents of children can be sent through text messages, cards or beautiful Christmas videos sent via DVD.

Such Christmas messages are sent by the children to their parents. Below are some examples of messages.
Christmas Captions
1). God sent an angel in my life in the form of you, my dear baby … I wish you the best of happiness and the future blessed with success and glory … Merry Christmas for you dear.

2). You are my strength and my reason for happiness … On the occasion of Christmas, I wish you the best of everything in your life … Merry Christmas for my little darling!

3). Tonight, Santa is going to bring you the most beautiful gift wrapped with our love and our love for you … May you always be smiling and enjoying life … Merry Christmas for you.

4). I’m so lucky and blessed to have parents like you. Thank you for the care, guidance and love. Merry Christmas.

5). Dear parents, wishing you both a beautiful and happy Christmas. I pray to God to bless us all with happiness and love. May Jesus always be there to take care of us. I love you both.

6). Dear parents, you have always been my strongest pillar in life. I would like to thank you for your love and affection this Christmas. Best wishes for Christmas 2015 and Happy New Year for you.

7). Dear parents, I wish you a very happy and happy Christmas. I hope you enjoy this day to the fullest and I ask the Lord Jesus to always keep you both happy.

8). Special Christmas greetings and thanks to you this Christmas. Merry Christmas for both. Both mean a lot to me.

9). I am grateful and proud that they are my parents. Your love and warmth have always been there for me. Have a very happy Christmas

10). Sending love and happiness in your own way, dear parents. Thanks for always being there for me. I hope you have a happy and wonderful celebration. Merry Christmas.


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